Mission and Vision

The mission of Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery is to provide a healing sanctuary for individuals with pelvic health issues– both those with pelvic pain as well as those with failure of the normal bodily functions. These issues are often complex from a medical standpoint and embarrassing and frustrating from a personal perspective, and require a dedicated practice focused solely on caring for these patients and their needs. We want to be a vessel for Divine healing power and facilitate wellness of body, mind and soul.

Our vision is to be the premiere pelvic pain and endometriosis practice in the entire Northwest. We desire to serve our patients with love and kindness, and provide a nurturing environment where patients can find answers in a space where education and compassion coexist. While we recognize that we are not perfect, we strive to treat every one of our patients as if they were our own family.

We will not quit, we will not give up. We will strive to assist all of our patients to regain the quality of life they once had – for some that they have only dreamed of – and which all deserve.

Our Staff

Lindsey Clark

Lindsey Clark, Clinic Supervisor/Medical Assistant

I have worked in women’s health since 2004, and with Dr. Mosbrucker for almost a decade. It has been very rewarding assisting Dr. Mosbrucker and being a part of our patients healthcare journey. Our patients are always treated as family and they are the reason I love what I do. I will be by each patients side throughout the entire process offering my continuous support.

I am a Pacific Northwest native & truly love the beauty of the outdoors. I enjoy spending my time outside of the clinic with my husband, two small children, and my two golden retrievers hiking the trails, playing at local parks and camping.

Renee Dvorak

Renee Dvorak, Registered Nurse

I have known Dr. Mosbrucker since college. She has always been gifted and an excellent leader. It is a joy to be a part of her staff and to be working with her again. Before coming to Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery, I have been raising and educating my four children. My previous nursing experience includes about a decade in hemodialysis. I truly enjoy being a nurse and caring for and educating those I interact with.

When I am not at work, I love: being with my family, friends, and high school students at church, cooking, eating, sleeping, running, reading, camping, music, and singing.

Dr. Cindy MosbruckerDr. Cindy Mosbrucker

Dr. Cindy Mosbrucker is a nationally recognized expert in minimally invasive excision of endometriosis, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain in women.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree at North Park College in Chicago, she completed her medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School, also in Chicago.  Residency training ensued in OB/GYN at Oakland Naval Hospital, and was completed at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda after Oakland’s closure. Military service was performed in Guam and Pensacola, FL. During that time, Dr. Mosbrucker learned and enjoyed activities including golf, diving and fishing.

After separating from the Navy, Dr. Mosbrucker moved to Hawaii where she worked at a private practice doing some OB, but mostly GYN and UroGyn surgery. After 8 years there, she felt a calling to do more with her career and embarked on the path that led her to internationally renowned endometriosis expert Dr. David Redwine.  Seeking to learn and master the challenging techniques he used for surgery and recognizing the critical need for more practitioners to adopt his approach to endometriosis, Dr. Mosbrucker moved to Bend, OR, to dedicate her life to caring for individuals with endometriosis.

Once she had mastered the technique of radical Laparoscopic excision of deeply infiltrating endometriosis, Dr. Mosbrucker moved to Gig Harbor, WA,  to open a practice specializing in both Urogynecology and endometriosis, ultimately transitioning to mostly robotic surgery. She rapidly became a sought after resource for women with pelvic pain from all causes including those lesser known such as pudendal neuralgia, levator spasm, hip impingement and labral tears, and interstitial cystitis.

After several years working for a large organization, she decided to open a private practice focused only on these issues; a practice dedicating to serving the needs of women with pain and incontinence.

In 2015, Dr. Mosbrucker passed the subspecialty board exam in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS), also known as Urogynecology. This certification recognizes excellence and experience in treating women with urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic prolapse, and related issues.

Dr. Mosbrucker feels strongly that both pelvic pain and the urogynecologic issues need to be addressed with a multidisciplinary approach that embraces the “bio-psycho-social model”. She has developed an informal consortium of various specialists, all with interest in caring for patients with pelvic pain or incontinence.  This allows for multiple providers to support the patient’s needs with an approach based on each one’s background and experiences. Physical therapists, pain management specialists, counselors, GI specialists, and surgeons all bring something different to the table, and it is her belief that the patients get better and more complete care when treated by a team rather than one single provider.

Dr. Mosbrucker is passionate about caring for her patients and wants to facilitate their ability to achieve a better quality of life. She believes in a partnership between patient and physician, as optimal results cannot be obtained without collaboration and unified objectives. It is her goal to reduce pain, improve function, decrease reliance on medication, and promote each patient’s understanding of their own disease process in order to give them back control of their lives.

In her free time, Dr. Mosbrucker enjoys cooking, gardening, and most outdoor activities- especially boating, golfing, and skiing. She is in love with her 1 year old puppy Annie.

Crystal Walker, ARNP, FNP-CCrystal Walker, ARNP, FNP-C

Crystal Walker, ARNP, FNP-C comes to Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery with a background in women’s health. She began her nursing career with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga. While working at a local hospital, she became certified in maternal and newborn care, and became a certified lactation consultant. In 2019, she enrolled at United States University to complete her Master’s in Nursing as Family Nurse Practitioner. She has a strong passion for all aspects of women’s health and enjoys caring for women in all stages of life.

At Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery, Crystal may conduct initial evaluations and follow-up visits for patients with endometriosis, pelvic pain, pelvic prolapse, interstitial cystitis, and other related concerns. She may conduct pre-operative visits to confirm that patients are well-prepared for surgery, as well as post-operative visits to ensure that the post-operative period goes as smoothly as possible. She may perform urodynamics testing as well. She feels honored to provide care, comfort, and education to all patients at our office.

When not working, Crystal loves to travel as much as possible. She also loves to hike, ski, sight-see, spend time with friends and family, and take care of her four wild Bernedoodles!