Mona Lisa Works

I have had lichen Sclerosis for about 18 yrs. Everything I tried for it had quit working. My skin was getting very thin and white. I had gotten to the desperate stage, not knowing what to do next. I went to Dr. Mosbrucker and seen Beth Simmons, she told me there was a new treatment called Mona Lisa Touch. I said let me know when you are going to give it a try. The office called and I gladly accepted. I had 5 treatments, each were 3 weeks apart. The first 2 went well. The 3rd was a little more difficult. The 4th and the 5th were a bit of a challenge. But I’m so happy I had the treatment. It has really made a difference. I don’t have to run to the bathroom, every time I turn around. The itching has lightened up and the urgency is under control. I will go back once a year for follow up treatments, which I will gladly do. I would recommend this Mona Lisa treatment to everyone. Thank You, Dr. Mosbrucker, Beth Simmons, and Mona Lisa touch.


I am a patient of

I am a patient of Dr. Mosbrucker’s, and had a total hysterectomy about 5 years ago. While it completely took away my endometriosis pain, I have experienced vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, and a severe loss of libido. I started Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser therapy about 5 months ago, and since then have had restored libido and am experiencing no pain with intercourse! (My husband is pretty happy too) I am so thankful for doctors like Mos, who are willing to walk the distance with her patients. She cares about the physical, as well as the emotional, well-being of those she treats. If you experience any of these issues, I highly recommend discussing the possibility of Mona Lisa therapy with Dr. Mosbrucker and her staff.


I was first diagnosed with

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 17 years old. I had been on numerous birth controls, had two surgeries (one laparoscopic, one laparotomy), and two years of treatment on Depo Provera (which made me crazy, but decreased my pain). All of this kept my pain “manageable” but at the age of 26, my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. I had been taking low dose estrogen birth control continuously and hadn’t had a period in about 10 years. When I got off that birth control, my endometriosis really took advantage of it. After 6 months without a pregnancy and with many long cycles (40-50 days), my PCP referred me to an OBGYN who was known in the area to “specialize” in endometriosis. I met with him, and being the very educated patient that I am, began to talk to him about how I would like a laparoscopic surgery as surgery had been most effective for my treatment in the past. He said that based on my surgical reports, my endometriosis was “too severe” (at the time of my laparotomy, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo) for a surgery and he “knew exactly what he would find so there was no need for a surgery.” Instead, the focus would be on getting helping me conceive, with the idea that the pregnancy would “treat” my endometriosis. Three months after using drugs to induce ovulation and no pregnancy, I was referred to a fertility doctor. This began a long time of testing, drugs, monitored cycles, injecting myself with medications, going for ultrasounds every month, and then three attempts at intrauterine insemination. None of it worked. Meanwhile, my pain was growing intolerable. I was practically disabled by the pain. When I brought this to doctors’ attention, they told me to take Motrin and reminded me that the focus was on getting pregnant. My pain was completely dismissed. After the last IUI didn’t work, the clinic began to insist upon IVF. This is where we drew the line. I knew that my endo was the thing keeping me from getting pregnant, and I became insistent that someone treat it. I wanted the focus to move from getting pregnant now and to increasing my quality of life. I was referred back to my OBGYN, who put me on Lupron. Despite my misgivings, I was so desperate, and to my surprise, the drug worked. My pain was much more tolerable and aside from hot flashes, I had no side effects. I stayed on this drug for 9 months until my doctor said he would no longer prescribe it for me. He also would not prescribe anything to treat my pain. When I asked him what my treatment plan was, he said “fringe cases like yours, we can’t do much.” He said he would treat me with Gabapentin, and that I would have to stay on it “indefinitely.” This was not acceptable to me, but he had no other referrals for me or course of treatment. I had found Dr. Mosbrucker’s name in one of my desperate Google searches, and told him that I was going to see her and that she did excision surgery. He was dismissive of this, told me that there was “no evidence” of these surgeries working long term. I told him that I didn’t care at this point, I needed relief and he wasn’t offering me anything acceptable. I had to wait for a while to get into Dr. Mosbrucker’s office, and each morning when the pain made getting out of bed a struggle, I would look at my phone and read the articles on her website. I had begun therapy to deal with the grief of infertility and the beginning of depression from my chronic pain, but the upcoming Dr. Mosbrucker appointment was a ray of hope. When I did attend my appointment, I was asked questions that I had never been asked by any doctor’s office before. They were very specific about my pain, and I felt listened to and understood. When I met with Dr. Mosbrucker, she spent at least an hour with me, asking me detailed questions, performing an exam, doing an ultrasound, and most of all, listening. She told me what I had already suspected – my endometriosis was the reason I couldn’t conceive. I even was close to ovulating based on the ultrasound, and this was after months of Lupron putting me into menopause! Right then and there, she told me what she thought she would find, and had me schedule my surgery. I scheduled for 3 months out, to give me time to alert my work and to make arrangements for my parents to fly into town to be there. I got a call offering to move my surgery up even, as an opening became available sooner, but I kept my date. Day before the surgery, we drove down and stayed in a hotel nearby the hospital so that we could easily be there on time the day of. St. Anthony was one of the nicest hospitals I’ve been to. My mother is an RN and kept commenting on how great the facilities were. When I checked in, the woman helping me shared that she had also had endometriosis removal done by Dr. Mosbrucker, and that it had changed her life. She told me she was so happy for me that I was here, and that I had a great surgeon. When it was time to go back into the room, I met the anesthesiologist who was kind and patient. The nurses were the same. Dr. Mosbrucker stopped by and said “Are you ready?” I was so excited. I didn’t have any nerves, just eagerness to get rid of my pain and move on. After the surgery, Dr. Mosbrucker explained to me with pictures what she had found and done. My disease had been more extensive than initially suspected, but she was able to remove it all. My appendix was removed due to disease, endo was removed and sent over to pathology from 11 other sites including my bladder, ovaries, and tissue in my pelvic wall. I also had a myectomy for a fibroid in my uterus, and a presacral neurectomy. I wasn’t able to go home that first night due to my urine output, and Dr. Mosbrucker visited me the next morning. She reviewed my chart and said that I was free to go home. I became emotional explaining to her how happy I was to have found her. She gave me a hug and told my husband and I not to pay for anymore fertility treatments. Not only would my pain most likely be resolved (she mentioned some women had a need for physical therapy after) but that I would be able to get pregnant. I have to say, part of me didn’t believe her. I was afraid to hope for both pain resolution and restored fertility. My recovery went well. After the acute recovery from surgery, I already noticed a difference. My body felt immensely better. I did have to remind myself to go slow, that I had been through a big surgery, but after being through chronic pain, that was hard to remember. I did take a month off work to allow myself to recover, and went back part time for two weeks after that. Dr. Mosbrucker’s office was great in helping me get the required paperwork to my HR office. My follow up care with Beth Simmons was great, and I felt again heard and cared for. The most amazing thing was not only how great I felt (my quality of life bounced back quickly) but that Dr. Mosbrucker had been right. I conceived the first month I was given the okay to try after my recovery period. That pregnancy unfortunately ended in a miscarriage, but my PCP was confident. We had never conceived in all the tries we had, and my PCP reminded me that statistically miscarriages happened – it didn’t have to mean something was wrong with me. I ended up conceiving again in the second cycle after that miscarriage, and I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and very healthy. I will be delivering by C-section as Dr. Mosbrucker advised after the myectomy. I’m tearing up right now as I write this. How do I begin to thank someone for not only returning my life to me, but giving the ability to create a life that I so desperately wanted? Dr. Mosbrucker is a miracle worker, in my eyes. She does not mess around, she goes right to surgery to treat the disease, and she is an expert at it. She explained to my husband after my surgery that OBGYNs are trained in pregnancy and conception, and their training in surgery for endometriosis is limited. Most of them perform ablation surgery and can easily be intimidated by difficult cases, just like the OBGYN I saw was (even though he touted himself as an expert). In hindsight, I’m so fortunate he refused to perform surgery. Dr. Mosbrucker is a surgeon by training, and approaches endometriosis from that perspective. That is what is needed with such a complex disease, and excision surgery does have evidence to back up it’s efficacy. I don’t say that just anecdotally, I’ve looked up the medical articles. If you are experiencing chronic pain from endometriosis, I want you to know that Dr. Mosbrucker can offer you hope and a way out. If you have infertility due to endometriosis, she can give you a chance again to conceive. To staff of Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery Center – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Everyone I encountered was professional and kind (I should mention Lindsey by name as well as she and I interacted quite a bit and she was funny and compassionate). Thank you for the work you do. Please know that you made a tremendous difference in my life and I will always be grateful.


I have lived most of

I have lived most of my life with pain that I didn’t understand. Dr. Cindy Mosbrucker and her entire staff has been amazing in my care. I was treated with respect, love, and patience. I just feel like everyone went above and beyond for me and I am forever grateful. So much was involved, the calls, loving messages checking on me, prompt appointments, calling around for me, words just can’t express how grateful I am. I had a hysterectomy, with internal prolapse repairs. I know I can’t say thank you enough but you all have helped to change my life for the better. I went from being a suicidal because of the pain to knowing there is better and hope.


After more than half of

After more than half of my life suffering from extreme menstrual pain, researching on my endometriosis has led me to Dr. Mosbrucker’s office and her amazing team. Even though I have traveled from out of state, entering their bright, warm office immediately felt like home. At my initial consult, I learned so much from Dr. Mosbrucker and for the first time felt being understood when I described my plethora of seemingly unrelated symptoms: bowel issues, fatigue, extreme monthly period pains that even the ER could not help with, etc. The planned surgical procedure was gone over with me in detail and I felt very safe and for the first time, HOPEFUL. My giddy excitement before my 5 hour surgery baffled my nervous husband — I woke up with a smile and recovered well. It has been a little over four months after getting all the pain causing growths and adhesions out of my abdomen and I am so grateful I had the option of getting help through an expert endometriosis excision specialists. If you are our of State/Country, the travel is so well worth the chance for a brand new life. Thank you Pacific Endometriosis Team!


I had really bad periods

I had really bad periods and PMS when I first started my period when I was 13 years old and then the pain got worse during my late teens, early 20’s. I would go to the doctor multiple times saying I have really severe cramps during my period to the point where I would be in the fetal position and couldn’t move for days. The doctor’s would just give a really strong dosage of ibuprofen which didn’t help at all, The worse part is that I couldn’t enjoy my daily life or do chores. I have been to the hospital multiple times with pelvic pain and they did ultrasounds and CT scans but everything came out normal. I finally got in touch with a gynecologist office and my doctor said I needed to have diagnostic surgery because that was the only way they could diagnose endometriosis. I found out my endometriosis was severe. So she sent me to see a couple gynecologist specialists. The first one I saw said I needed to have children because he didn’t think it was right for me to have a hysterectomy. The other doctor wanted to do a full hysterectomy thinking it wouldn’t effect my mental stability. So, after going through several doctor’s I found Dr. Mosbrucker and I felt like she really listened to me about my concerns of being in pain and gave me several options but the best option was a partial hysterectomy. I have been through birth control through birth control and nothing helped. I finally had my surgery and I feel like I can have a life again without being in unbearable pain. Thank you Dr. Mosbrucker. I will recommend you to anyone else who has pelvic pain!


Dr. Mosbrucker gave me my

Dr. Mosbrucker gave me my life back! I started having symptoms of Endometriosis at age 14. I had doctors throw me on birth control and leave it at that. As I got older it got worse and worse. In high school I was missing classes due to pain. Doctors were telling me that it was just really bad cramps. I had doctors explaining how my pain was partially psychosomatic in nature and that I just needed to stop thinking about the pain so much… I was beginning to feel like I was just crazy. Then one year my insurance changed and I had to switch doctors. The new one was the first one that ever mentioned Endometriosis and he wanted to do surgery, and I thank him for believing me and wanting to help me. I was 27 years old at this point, 13 years into my symptoms and suddenly falling into a little ball at work and having to go home because of pain. A few times I had to have someone come pick me up because I was in too much pain to even drive! I began to study and resource online. I found a group on FB that led me to a wealth of information on the subject. I learned that the surgery he wanted to do, ablation, would most likely be very inadequate but that it is what MOST GYNs do to treat endo due to lack of experience and time. I learned that most women end up with many surgeries that wouldn’t have been needed if it was done thoroughly during the first one. When I confronted him about true excision being far more thorough and successful he actually admitted that it was true. He preferred the ablation because it took less time, and one less incision. He said “I could try the excision instead if you’d like”. I didn’t like the sound of that. He didn’t have enough experience. With my online research I realized that I needed an expert. Not someone who spends most of his time in the office and delivering babies. I needed someone who spends most of their time addressing my specific conditions. This is where Dr. Mosbrucker, my hero, comes in. I cancelled my surgery in my home town (I was 1 week from getting on his OR table). I contacted Dr. Mos and the rest is history! She did a true excision and changed my life. She is so intelligent and her passion for helping women with endo is so incredible! Her bedside manner is amazing, she really helped ease any and all anxiety I had. She cares so much it is palpable. She is truly a real-life hero! I am 2 years post-op now and I have my life back! I can do the hiking and working out that I love, I can be intimate with my husband without the massive pain, I can get through my workweek without having to suddenly go home. She made such a massive difference in my life! It was well worth it to travel from my hometown to see her.


Where to start? I came

Where to start? I came from out of state (Oregon) and Dr. Mosbrucker and her staff were very easy to communicate with. Not only did Dr.Mosbrucker expertly excise my Endometriosis, she also referred me to a Pelvic Physical Therapist in my area who diagnosed and treated me for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Vestibulodynia. Dr.Mosbrucker makes sure that her patients receive the care they need to continue to heal and improve. Dr.Mosbrucker is a kind, thorough, and exceptional surgeon and this is reflected in her care and the staff she employs. My parents and I were very impressed with her and her staff and it was a complete 180 from my previous surgery with my OBGYN. Dr. Mosbrucker was very thorough at my pre-op and was equally attentive the day of surgery. My surgical pain was managed with great care and I left the hospital without a worry. You will not find a better surgeon and a better team!


I was so lucky to find Dr. Mosbrucker. Other doctors made me feel like I
was exaggerating about my endometriosis pain, that it was somehow my fault,
or that the pain was something I just had to accept and live with.

Dr. Mosbrucker always took my pain seriously and treated me with dignity
and respect. I remember before my surgery I was so anxious, and she said,
“Are you ready to get your life back?” She was right. I had forgotten what
it was like to have pain-free sex, to not be debilitated by my periods, and
to not be in various levels of pain all the time. I can never thank her
enough for the gift she gave me of giving me a normal life back.

Dr. Mosbrucker is one of the most experienced excision surgeons you will
find and one of the few willing and able to effectively treat complex
disease. She truly cares about her patients and their well-being. I can’t
recommend her highly enough.


I have/had stage IV endometriosis, with extensive disease on the bowel. I was in chronic pain and discomfort. After years of searching for a surgeon who believes in surgical excision of endometriosis, I found Dr. Mosbrucker. Even though I live 3 hours away, I happily made the drive to see Dr. Mosbrucker.  Dr. Mosbrucker is a highly skilled surgeon and is very comfortable with complex cases. She was willing to help me, when everyone else’s solution was a hysterectomy or to leave the disease alone-because surgery was too risky.

My excision surgery was 8 long hours.  Dr. Mosbrucker used robotic surgery and skillfully   removed my endo.  It has been 20 months since my excision and I can finally live my life without pain. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until after my surgery.

Because I elected to leave my uterus and ovaries for the chance of conception, I still have a small amount of endometriosis left in my body.  If I decide to do another surgery, there is only one surgeon I will trust to do the surgery; Dr. Mosbrucker. She took fantastic care of me during my treatment. She was attentive and I always felt like I had direct access to her. She spent many hours during her time-off to help make sure I was getting the best care. In addition, Dr. Mosbrucker has a wonderful bedside manner. She is fun and really makes you feel like she cares about you as a person.

I’m so glad I took a chance and was willing to travel to see this amazing surgeon. Dr. Mosbrucker is an amazing woman. I am so glad I have had the privilege of her as my surgeon.



It is very difficult to truly describe the life-transforming role Dr. Mosbrucker and her team played in my life over the past 6 years. When I met her, I was without hope – she was my last chance for any kind of peace in my life. I was 16 months post hysterectomy and lupron with worsening symptoms and new onset upper GI bleeding. None of my local medical providers knew how to help me. I had classic symptomatic endometriosis from early teens but despite its typical presentation and progression to severe disease, I went undiagnosed for over 30 years despite being an “insider” in health care (I am a Nurse Practitioner). This demonstrates the paucity of skill in diagnosing and treating endometriosis and its sequelae. From a very young age, my symptoms were dismissed and after being told this many times, I, like so many others, just pressed on. I became fiercely driven as an escape and distraction from my symptoms. The result, however, was that I looked like I had an idyllic life from the outside – successful provider, beautiful family (one biological child through fertility treatments, one adopted child and two step children), loving husband – but inside I was very alone and had a deplorable quality of life – each day was simply an exercise in survival. I hid my symptoms even from providers and underwent a hysterectomy in 2009 for bleeding. Imagine the surprise when my surgeon found extensive severe endometriosis with a fixed pelvis – far beyond her surgical skills. When I met Dr. Mosbrucker I knew she was different. I was very impressed with her history and exam and even more impressed that she “got” me. No other providers ever really understood me – she understood that beneath this fierce outer armor lived a broken girl – one who desperately needed healing. My surgery was long and extensive and included her general surgeon colleague who performed a segmental bowel resection. Dr. Mosbrucker was able to remove the extensive and complex disease, was able to save part of an ovary and I have no evidence of persistence or recurrence in 6 years. So yes, she is an amazing surgeon, but that is just the beginning of her skillset. I had residual issues from the years of untreated endometriosis – IC, pelvic floor muscle problems, hip problems, pudendal nerve issues. I also had very specific boundaries around what medications I would take – I did not want to take anything that blunted my cognition (so no hormonal therapies, no narcotics) or made me tired (which eliminates a lot of pain processing medications). I also did not want to give up running (long story – ironically, running became my “drug” – a way to use self-inflicted “pain” to distract myself from the pain I could not control). We worked my management plan around that – and it has been a very long road. She never gave up and did not let me give up either. You do not unwind 30+ years of pain and the subsequent neuromuscular fallout in a day or week or month. The excision surgery was THE most important first step in my recovery. Dr. Mosbrucker’s kindness, compassion, thoroughness, and skillful curiosity opened up the rest of my recovery. Her guidance and wisdom (and some slick interventions) coupled with my determination and perseverance have resulted in a life I never imagined possible. Almost 6 years post op, I continue to improve. I will never be able to express how grateful I am to Dr. Mosbrucker and her team. There are just no words.


I am not a patient of Dr Mosbruckers, however I am an endometriosis patient advocate. I first met her when she was in Bend Oregon with Dr Redwine. I was immediately taken with her enthusiasm for adding these advanced excision techniques to her already substantial skills. Since that time I have followed her work and she has become a great resource for patients I work with who need skillful management of their endometriosis as well as other pelvic pain generators.


Dr. Mosbrucker did the right surgery for my endometriosis. She is a true expert in Endometriosis and pelvic floor surgery. She gave me my life back when I had already resigned to live a life imprisoned in my body until I die. I found her on Nancy’s Nook after I had undergone 2 unsuccessful surgeries with the same “pelvic pain specialist.” The endometriosis kept returning within 3 months of the procedure with my previous doctor. I could barely walk for more than 10 minutes without pain. My gut, bowel, and other bodily functions were malfunctioning badly. due to the Endometriosis. I had numbness and sciatica like pain in my left leg. I was constantly tired and bled for long periods of time. After surgery with Dr. Mosbrucker, the sciatica pain went away instantly! My bowels worked perfect within a day or two post op! I was able to enjoy a full meal without acid reflux or vomiting. Her surgery reversed all the affects of Endometriosis. I was at Stage 4 at the time of the 1st surgery, apparently, I was still at square one when I had surgery with Dr. Mosbrucker. Within 9 months post op, I started to play tennis and dance again, but slowly. Within 2 years post op and with different modalities of physical therapy, I am in top form playing competitive tennis and in advance beginning ballet. I am happy to say my bodily functions are doing great! The depression is long gone and the pain from the adhesions / scar tissues have been softened by physical therapy, my tennis and dance. Dr. Mosbrucker put me back together even better than before! She is a true Endo Hero! I can’t say enough good things about her.


May 2013, we brought our 19 year old daughter from Ontario Canada to be diagnosed and treated for endo with Dr Mosbrucker in Washington state. The relief upon meeting with a Doctor, who not only understands the significant pain with the disease but is an EXPERT in the field of excision, we knew we were in the right hands!!! Dr Mosbruckers commitment to her patients is outstanding and any patient would be fortunate to be in the remarkable care of this surgeon!!

I have, and will continue to, recommend families suffering from this disease to seek out her amazing expertise.

Sincerest appreciation for Dr Mosbruckers dedication in the field of endometriosis!!!


I have dealt with endometriosis from a very young age which caused extensive damage, unfortunately I was led to believe a hysterectomy with ovaries removed would be “the cure” this did not cure me but instead caused more damage and made life so much more challenging. I went from Dr. to Dr. looking for help for my relentless pain and dysfunction in my body that continued despite the hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries, unfortunately no doctor believed it possible to have endometriosis after a complete hysterectomy. In this process I also discovered I dealt with pelvic organ prolapse, but again the Dr.’s did not feel this could be the issue for the problems I was dealing with because the prolapses were not “that bad”, so I was left to manage on my own and keep searching for a Dr. who would listen, all the others wanted to do was offer me  anti-depressants or tell me to work on my stress, up my fiber, drink more water and exercise (even though I was already doing all of those things rather excessively. (It was clear the Dr.’s thought I was either making it up, seeking narcotics or a mental case) it took me 7  years after my complete hysterectomy to finally find not only a specialist who could deal with my extensive endometriosis but also a specialist who could deal with my pelvic organ prolapse issues. My story would be so much better if I had found Dr. Mosbrucker from the start of this exhausting journey.

I flew several states away in order to have her help me, she spent much time with me even knowing I had not yet chosen her as my surgeon, she alleviated my fears on all the issues in regards to the surgery I would be having with her. After interviewing 5 different Dr.’s who specialized in what I needed I chose to travel to Dr. Mosbrucker which was not easy to do, but it was truly the best decision I ever made I will be traveling back to see Dr. Mosbrucker very soon after many years she has continued to communicate with me in my health journey despite the fact it’s been many years since I have had my original surgery with her. After multiple surgeries with other local surgeons that have failed within weeks to months of the surgery, I have realized she is the ONLY surgeon capable of dealing with my extensive endometriosis damage and pelvic organ prolapse issues. I will not be seeing any other surgeon to “try” to fix things for me again because what I did for convenience ends up not being so convenient…She is truly the ONLY surgeon for the job for me and I will not stray again because it was a hefty price that she will now be fixing for me in the very near future.  So if you need a truly gifted and skilled surgeon who has compassion and is passionate about what she does and truly cares about her patients, you will not find a better doctor than Dr. Mosbrucker! I am beyond thankful for all Dr. Mosbrucker has done to help me through the years. I would send my Mother or sisters to her over any other surgeon around for endometriosis or pelvic organ prolapse. She is truly a skilled surgeon with compassion for her patients so she is the best of both worlds. If you find yourself in need of true skills for endometriosis or pelvic organ prolapse please go to her you will be glad you did!


I had been suffering with endometriosis for 5 years and had been through 5 failed surgeries before finally sending my records to Dr Mosbrucker for review. I was a bit worried about travelling so far from home for surgery because some of my first surgeons had suggested that I didn’t even have endometriosis. But my first phone consultation quickly eased all of my fears. We came up with a treatment plan and arrangements were made for surgery. I was able to schedule my preoperative consult for the day before my surgery, which was very convenient as I was a flying in from 900 miles away. That consultation was very enlightening. I was diagnosed with spasm in the pelvic floor as well as possible adenomyosis, neither of which had ever been mentioned by another doctor or surgeon. Dr Mosbrucker helped me not only with a surgical plan, but also suggested other treatments for me to pursue once I was back home for the other conditions that we uncovered. I’m now 2 1/2 years post surgery, which consisted of an appendectomy, presacral neurectomy, excision of endometriosis and ovarian suspension. I have seen drastic improvements in my quality of life. I was able to stop taking all of my daily pain medications, I no longer suffer from debilitating menstrual cramps, and enjoy most of my days pain free. I was also able to return to my job after being unable to work at all for 3 years. I still am seeing a Pelvic Physical Therapist to help with spasm in the pelvic floor, but it continues to improve, is completely manageable and it doesn’t slow me down. Dr Mosbrucker gave me my life back!


As an RN I have worked with many surgeons and other healthcare providers. Being on the other side as a patient, is a difficult position to be in. However, Dr. Mosbrucker has been one of the most compassionate surgeons I have encountered. She is obviously passionate and very knowledgeable about endometriosis and its treatments. She has a great sense of humor as well as a certain humbleness about her. These qualities make her a great surgeon and partner in care. I have always felt in very good hands.

After being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011 by a local gynecologist, my endometriosis was ablated in a 45 minute surgery and I was told that my best bet would be Lupron and a complete hysterectomy. None of these were an option for me and after my pain returned with a vengeance after 3 months, I started to research better options. I was lucky to find Dr Mosbrucker within a 5 hour drive. When I received my paperwork I was glad to find out how thorough it was! At my initial office visit she took 1.5 hour to do her exam and take my medical history. She did not act rushed and she asked many questions. She was very understanding about my need to preserving my fertility.

She was very good in trying to schedule pre-op appointments close to my actual surgery so my travel out of town would be limited.

When pain returned after a year, I was very disappointed but she helped me finding out the causes for my pain. Because the cause was my adenomyosis, I opted for a hysterectomy. This was an extremely tough decision for me and I always felt supported. At the time of my hysterectomy it was confirmed that I was still endometriosis free!

Two and a half years later I am pain free and live a full and happy life. If I ever need urogynecologic care, I would definitely travel for 5 hours again although I am sure it will never be for endometriosis again as I am confident that she took care of all of that.

Thank you, Dr. Mosbrucker, for the wonderful surgeon and person you are!


When I met Dr. Mosbrucker I felt like a broken woman. I was physically, emotionally, spiritually, and quickly becoming financially broken from my ongoing battle with pelvic pain. For nearly twenty years I had been reporting my symptoms to health care providers. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and told that I was inoperable due to some of the locations I had the endometriosis. I had already been through two unsuccessful surgeries, years of hormone therapy, Lupron, pain medications that I could not tolerate, and about every complementary alternative modality out there. Unfortunately I continued to live in severe daily pain and absolutely debilitating pain during my period. I was starting to miss days of work during my period and when I suffered from cyst ruptures. On top of the physical pain and fatigue was the emotional burden of infertility. I had consulted with a reproductive endocrinologist that gave me the dismal outlook of a 1% chance of conception and a 25% chance with IVF.

I could not accept the fate that my life would continue this way. I couldn’t have a bowel movement or have a full bladder without tears. The pain I experienced trying to conceive the child I so desperately wanted was unbearable. My marriage was suffering because of the stresses of infertility and being too fatigued to leave the house most days. Something had to change. I was determined to find help from a specialist.

I found out about Dr. Mosbrucker on an online support group. I heard much positive feedback from her patients including those in the medical field. I took a leap of faith and traveled a great distance to consult with her. When I met her I was immediately put at ease. She was quickly able to identify the sources of my pain and develop a treatment plan. She was the first doctor I had met on my journey that could diagnose all my pain generators. She was the first not to treat me with pity or even worse, as a drug seeker.

Dr. Mosbrucker did an extensive surgery on me partnered with a general surgeon including areas I had previously been told were inoperable: bladder, near ureter, bowel, and diaphragm. She was careful to preserve my fertility and performed a presacral neurectomy to help alleviate some of my uterine pain. I woke up from this extensive surgery feeling better than I had in years.

My quality of life has forever changed. She has continued to treat me for the remaining pain issues resulting from years of inadequate care: pelvic floor dysfunction and interstitial cystitis. Incredibly I am also now a mother of two through natural conception. I am forever grateful for her skill, intelligence, and caring nature.


As one of Dr Mosbrucker’s pts I wanted to leave a testimonial for her website. I’m looking forward to her opening. And can’t wait to get an apt!

Endometriosis is an awful disease that unfortunately goes undetected for years. Meanwhile the women with endo suffer un-relentless pain. So many doctors haven’t the slightest clue about endo: how to treat it, what to do with the lesions/adhesions it can cause. They will leave you at the end of your rope. Dr. Mosbrucker is the light at the end of the tunnel. Her wealth of knowledge and confidence in her amazing surgical skills are incomparable. I cannot say enough about Dr. Mosbrucker and the impact she has made in the quality of my life.