How Our Process Works

If you would like to become a patient at Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery, these documents will explain the process, as well as give helpful information for before and after surgery.

Register via the Patient Portal

Within our website you will see a button that says “Patient Portal”. This is a link to the secure connection to our EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and allows us to have 2 way communication between the practice and our patients.  You will first need to register to become a patient, and then once we establish communication, you can fill out the history forms and upload pertinent documents such as operative reports from prior surgeries. We will also ask you to write a narrative summary of your pain journey and where you are now. This doesn’t have to be long, but the goal is to let us know in your own words when your pain started, what you’ve done that’s either worked or not, and how you feel now, with detail of where you feel pain (right or left side, front, back, radiation down legs, etc), what it feels like (sharp, achy, twisting, electric shock, stabbing, etc), and when it happens (only before or during your periods, all month long, only before a bowel movement, etc). These are but a few to get you started, feel free to include as much detail as you think is pertinent.  We will also ask you about your desires for fertility, and if you’ve completed your family and are having uterine symptoms, your feelings about having a hysterectomy. While it is correct that a hysterectomy won’t fix the pain from endo, many women have pain from both their uterus and endo, and optimal pain relief is achieved by addressing all causes of pain.