Day of Surgery/Hospital Stay

On the day of surgery, you will need to arrive at the hospital 2 hours before the anticipated time of your surgery. It is important to remember that the time of surgery is NOT an exact time unless you are the first case of the day, but it is an estimation based on how things are supposed to go in the patients before you. So, please keep your cellphones close to you that day in case we need to call you in early. There is also a chance that you may have to wait in preop if the surgeries earlier in the day take longer than expected. We try very hard to stay on schedule, however sometimes things happen that are out of our control and either the surgery itself or the anesthesia can take a little more or less time than we anticipated. Try to imagine that you are the one having the surgery that requires an extra hour, and understand that Dr. Mosbrucker is committed to doing what’s right for each patient.

If we anticipate a long surgery, your family is welcome to leave the hospital and go wander around the town of Gig Harbor, and Dr. Mosbrucker will call them as soon as she is done. Moreover, the OR nurses will usually call with updates every couple hours or so.

Almost all of Dr. Mosbrucker’s surgery for endometriosis are done with either a laparoscopic or robotic approach. This allows for better visualization of the deep pelvis than open surgery, which means more endometriosis can be both seen and removed. It also reduces the risk of major complications during surgery as well as adhesion formation after surgery, and allows patients to heal faster with a shorter recovery and less post-op pain than open surgery. If you want to watch videos of actual robotic surgeries, go to the Videos section.